Dream One

I dream of the sixth, when rightful balance is returned to this planet; when humanity finally outsmarts itself, and only the wise and the innocent are spared to inherit the guardianship. I dream of the sixth, when biophilia becomes the new religion; where choices are made with the forethought of the fox, the wisdom of… Continue reading Dream One

A Time for Giving Thanks

There's a lot of discussion in the media lately regarding climate change, pollution, endangered animal populations, etc.  Most of the coverage on these topics is not very hopeful and, frankly, quite depressing. I considered highlighting some of the online articles here on TheSixth blog, but then I thought, why pass along bad news when it… Continue reading A Time for Giving Thanks

Studies find…

A headline for USA Today online caught my eye the other day. Global pollution is the world's biggest killer and a threat to survival of mankind, study finds By now, that headline should come as no surprise. And by now, the "studies" should have elicited plans, strategies, global and local policies, and massive corrective actions.… Continue reading Studies find…

Won’t Be Turned Around

Tragedy accumulates; continued struggles of hurricane- and earthquake-devastated communities, wars, terrorist attacks, devastation incited by corrupt governments. And now... the unspeakably horrific massacre this week in Las Vegas. Yesterday -- for me -- was a day of hunkering down with my sweet, furry bestie. A day of many days of mourning. A day of attempting… Continue reading Won’t Be Turned Around

The Eight Stages of Climate Change

The Eight Stages of Climate Change 1. Climate change does not exist. 2. Climate change might exist, but if it does, it wasn’t caused by humans. 3. Climate change exists, but it wasn’t caused by humans and it’s not as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be. 4. Climate change exists, humans may be… Continue reading The Eight Stages of Climate Change

Together: Peace Day

In 1981, the General Assembly of the United Nations established September 21st of each year as International Day of Peace. The 2017 theme for the day is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” The UN.org website states that, “The Day will highlight solidarity with refugees and migrants and showcase the shared benefits… Continue reading Together: Peace Day

Franken-Science: Designing Butterfly Wings

Okay, this is wrong on so many levels it just makes me nauseous. Humanity can't even be humane. What makes us think we can responsibly play God? The New York Times published an article on genetic manipulation of butterflies in order to control the coloring of the insects' wings. I can think of no practical purpose… Continue reading Franken-Science: Designing Butterfly Wings

Oceans of Plastic ~ Weighing options

While my premise is that planet Earth is inevitably headed toward a mass extinction, I by no means advocate any sort of passive resignation. We owe it to the planet to not give up on preservation of its natural elements. And so I honor the impactful work of the Ocean Conservancy in helping our oceans.… Continue reading Oceans of Plastic ~ Weighing options