Franken-Science: Designing Butterfly Wings

Okay, this is wrong on so many levels it just makes me nauseous. Humanity can’t even be humane. What makes us think we can responsibly play God?

The New York Times published an article on genetic manipulation of butterflies in order to control the coloring of the insects’ wings. I can think of no practical purpose for such reckless intervention in nature.

“Only nature can paint the gorgeous colors and patterns on a butterfly’s wings. But scientists said on Monday that they have mastered the first steps and hope in time to control the entire coloring system, making it possible to design living butterfly wings.”

~ The New York Times: Genes Color a Butterfly’s Wings. Now Scientists Want to Do It Themselves

Sometimes I think the sixth can’t come soon enough.


6 thoughts on “Franken-Science: Designing Butterfly Wings”

  1. Two thoughts come to mind: 1 – just because we can doesn’t mean we should, 2 – why try to improve on something already extraordinary. Actually three thoughts – constantly amazed at the arrogance of humans thinking the have the right to interfere with nature.

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        1. A very substantive and thought-provoking article. And quite apt for this era. I wish every US senator would read it before casting their national healthcare votes this week. Our politicians seem more interested in the preservation of their jobs and reputations than the long-range effects of their votes. *sigh*

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