Studies find…

A headline for USA Today online caught my eye the other day.

Global pollution is the world’s biggest killer and a threat to survival of mankind, study finds

By now, that headline should come as no surprise. And by now, the “studies” should have elicited plans, strategies, global and local policies, and massive corrective actions.

But that hasn’t happened. I’m fairly certain that humans are the only species that can comprehend the global significance of our actions. Humans are the only species with the capacity to globally address issues such as the desecration of the planet, or to globally facilitate the healing of the planet.

And yet — even with our unique capacities to affect the survival of so many flora and fauna species, as well as ourselves — we are the only species that knowingly rushes toward our own extinction.

So much for being “superior.”

smoke sunset

So what do we do?

No one should have to seriously ask that question. The pertinent questions are:

Why aren’t we doing as much as we can?
Why aren’t we addressing and stopping those who hinder efforts to “save the planet?”
Why do those with the greatest influence let study after study pile up, yet continue to ignore them?

And — of course — the biggest question:

Is it too late?

I know my answers. I know where I feel compelled to place my efforts towards addressing the fate of the planet. I know what actions I am taking, and I know I will continue to assess my impacts, my powers and my responses.

What about you?

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