Planet Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals. Or so some believe, myself included. As stated, there is no caveat. There is no “unless…” We are, indeed, in the midst.

I am not a scientist or a specialist in any related or relevant field. Nor am I a nut case here to preach gloom and doom about the fast-approaching “end times.” I am simply a blogger who finds myself in the midst of a failing ecosystem.

I am curious. I am saddened. I am remorseful. I am angered. I am ashamed. I am watchful. I am thoughtful. I am in reverence. I am in awe.

I am also hopeful. I’m hopeful that Earth will renew itself as it has five times before. I’m hopeful that nature will once again reinvent itself. I am confident that — even if humankind destroys itself — we cannot destroy the planet. There are — ultimately — limits to what we humans can accomplish.

This blog is my take on what is happening in the world today. It is where I can process all that curiosity, sadness, remorse, anger, shame, reverence and awe. It is where I can profess my hope.

In what seems to have become a pitting of humankind against nature, I find myself rooting overwhelmingly for nature. Nature might appear to be the underdog, but history proves otherwise.