Dream One

whale 3

I dream of the sixth,
when rightful balance is returned to this planet;
when humanity finally outsmarts itself, and only
the wise and the innocent are spared
to inherit the guardianship.

I dream of the sixth,
when biophilia becomes the new religion;
where choices are made with the
forethought of the fox, the wisdom of the whale
and the innocence of the meadowlark.

I do not accept the nightmare
of senseless and greed-induced defilement;
of selfish hedonism and shortsighted apathy.
of the desecration and demolition of all
that is not us.

I may not be among the wise or innocent,
the fox or the whale or the meadowlark.
I may be relegated to the fallout of the sixth.
So be it.

I bow to the forest, and the ocean,
and the mountain and the sky, and I pray
that the sixth comes soon enough for their

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