The Eight Stages of Climate Change

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The Eight Stages of Climate Change

1. Climate change does not exist.

2. Climate change might exist, but if it does, it wasn’t caused by humans.

3. Climate change exists, but it wasn’t caused by humans and it’s not as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be.

4. Climate change exists, humans may be partly to blame, but it’s not as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be so we don’t need to do anything to change it.

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5. Climate change exists, humans are only partly to blame. It may be dangerous, but we still have a few decades before we have to worry about fixing it.

6. Climate change is real and dangerous regardless of who or what’s to blame, but we can’t realistically stop it at this point, so maybe we should move to a different planet.

7. Climate change is an evil, dangerous entity that is trying to destroy humanity. Humans are non-complicit victims. Fortunately we are the most intelligent beings on Earth (and now Mars), so we can fight this ruthless enemy, destroy the demon climate, and then…

8. Climate [change] will no longer exist.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Synne. Susie always throws such great parties! Yes, the planet very much needs our attention. I’m glad that others like you appreciate that fact. Take care, Maggie.

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